Umer Maqbool

Founder & CEO of Binex Solutions Pvt Ltd. Binex is engaged in Games Development and Mobile Apps


Khurram Mujtaba

Entrepreneur, Investor, Strategist, Visionary! ***Dont accept a heart Enchained by Mind*** CEO JumpStart Pakistan.

United States

M. Salman Farooq

Result-oriented, high-energy, hands-on professional with domestic and international experience in high tech industry, training and education


Mohsin M. Siddique

Businesses & Startups Coach & Consultant, Strategist, NLP Licensed; & Certified from UN’s University of Peace, in "Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change"


Zubair Khan

Founder of Tranchulas. Random crazy ideas, entrepreneur, hacker, tech freak & troublemaker.


Raza Shaikh

Technology Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor

Boston, MA, USA

Abid Malik

Abid Malik, Mentor, Director Indus Venture (USA) has over 24 years of sales, marketing, finance, and business development experience.


Farrukh Malik

A serial entrepreneur who loves challenges, believes in teamwork, strives for innovation, prefers smart work and values sincerity.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Hasham Malik

Tech Entrepreneur and full-time Ruby hacker with over a decade of experience in building web applications for startup ecosystem


Amer Qureshi

Amer is a highly experienced Australian Chartered Accountant, Business Advisor and Author.