Rethinking HealthCare




We, at Vitealth, visualize a future where basic health care monitoring is accessible to everyone at the touch of a button - a future where doctors assume a pivotal role of analyzing and making sense of the data instead of doing the housekeeping work. Vitealth is a personalized health assistant that lets you monitor your vital health signs at any place and at any time just like you check time on a wrist watch. With Vitealth, you can get your health assessment intuitively with a single touch. The "Vitealth Watch" combines all the basic functionalities of high-end medical instruments into an integrated one-touch operation wrist watch. The special algorithms working underneath the watch use your data to evaluate your vital signs which include Heart rate variability, Blood pressure, Respiratory rate, Temperature, SPO2 level and estimated ECG along with an intuitive and easy-to-understand assessment of your overall health. Vitealth keeps a record of all these values with an option to share with your doctor for further analysis. You are now the in-charge!



Hardware/IOT, Digital, Health/Pharmaceutical, Technology


Saad Qureshi


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