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UpSkill is Pakistan’s first MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) Platform. UpSkill aims to transform education sector of Pakistan using the technological innovation. The UpSkill’s mission is to introduce unique pedagogical learning methodologies through gamification and online social learning platform.  UpSkill in collaboration with leading educational institutions will provide online courses through its platform which will help individuals in their career development and personal growth. It will also provide online training to the corporate sector. 


Pakistani graduates are lacking with the professional skills, therefore, they are lagging behind in the local and international job market. Moreover, due to socioeconomic constraints, they are unable to acquire professional skills and advanced diplomas. UpSkill was established keeping in mind these crucial issues. UpSkill will provide the quality courses online from leading educational and professional institutions at affordable prices. This will be helpful for the students, job holders to enhance their skills. Moreover, our courses will also provide the solutions of ever increasing unemployment of Pakistani market. 

. Our model is distinct with respect to other eLearning initiatives in Pakistan because of gamification, UpConnect features and market based courses and it will fulfill the need the high quality online learning site .As due to socio economic factors every student can't afford to get admission in a prestigious university so upskill will provide an alternate by bringing the opportunity of earning certificate. Moreover many people don’t have time to pursue their education along with their jobs so upskill will facilitate them and solve their problem of time shortage .According to recent estimates population grows the number of universities ratio isn’t increasing expectedly. UpSkill will reach users through online platform. Students from far flung areas will be able to connect using internet. According to a report, Pakistan has now 25 million 3G/4G users and the growth is exponential and these figures have boosted our confidence 




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