The Daily Deli

Eat fresh, Eat Daily.

Lahore (Arfa Karim Technology Park)



We are a small restaurant, currently catering to a limited audience. 

It's been eight months now since our inception and now we plan on to grow big!


About 8 months back I was sitting at my workplace thinking what to do, since I always had the passion to be an entrepreneur. Job was never my forte.

I had little experience in the food industry, therefore I planned a small restaurant inside an office space. I was too scared initially as to how will be the response of the people towards the restaurant; but the response so far has been overwhelming.

I have been receiving several queries almost daily as to when we will be opening it outside this building. 

There is only one constraint; for which I have applied here!

We are not just a simple restaurant, but we are a model. A model which can only be experienced!


Digital, Food/Dining/Groceries, Travel/Delivery


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