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Techscape aims to build training institutes and schools for the children of Pakistan to learn programming languages and utilize their uses and benefits. As the whole world is moving towards digitalization, and programming is one of the top most occupations and needs of every organization linked with technology, it’s very important to teach children these languages from the early age.

We don’t have programing schools for kids to learn coding in a fun way. As most of the successful people emphasis that Student should learn how to code. Most of the developed countries have successfully implemented this idea of teaching computer science as a major subject. Pakistan don’t have such schools, so keeping this situation in mind we need to have such type of computer schools and courses in Pakistan too. This will increase the rate of students getting involved in computer science and make they will help in making Pakistan a develop country soon by contributing to the society though various mediums.


Our organization aims to target those students who believe that innovation is key to every problem. uptill now we have organized many career counseling sessions in one of Northern Areas of Pakistan i. Gilgit Baltistan.

We have been to various districts of GB for sessions our commitment to our aim proved very encouraging and productive as people of GB specially students  at Hunza and Ghizer 

adored our ideas and our presentation on innovation and technology.

Currently we have almost 20 students who enrolled in our programming starta.

Besides this we are currently working on the project of Tech Scape Local Science Fair , Students are showing their optimum insight in our initiative.This Science Fair will start on December 20th 2016 with the hope that it will be successful like the previous initiatives.


Hardware/IOT, Education/Creative, Internet/Web, Others


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