Helping students help themselves

Summary aims to solve real life problems of university students throughout Pakistan. Our custom built apps cater to the different needs of a student, be it a commuting option to university/college or arranging course books for a semester. We save you Time and Money and even provide a simple way to earn Cash & Rewards while you do nothing but sitback and study.


University students in Pakistan have a few basic priorities, apart from getting good education, students also aims to save money on all university related tasks and save as much as possible for themselves. Therefore by actively helping students help themselves in their daily problems we aim to make students more productive. As students in general prefer driving to the university with their friends over mass commuting options like Public transport or a university van service. The UNI RIDES app, enables students to carpools from their university. A student also has to buy books for a number of courses and the best and easiest way to save on these books is to exchange them with fellow students. The “Book Shop App” helps you to find & share books from among University friends, minimizing the need to buy new expensive books! This app builds an anonymous bridge between the person who is searching a particular book and the owner of the book. A book exchange request can be sent by a single click of a button, while the owner of the book remains anonymous and can choose to respond to the request.


Health/Pharmaceutical, Urban Development/Real State, Travel/Delivery


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