Security in a serious way


Security Wall is an extensive and a conscientiously drafted methodology towards Data Security Consultancy & Web-Application Penetration Testing , Cyber Security. Security Wall methodology is to spread acknowledgment of Information of data as an advantage, accordingly making an update shift towards data security by giving excellent security reviews through master driven manual testing. Security Wall is Professional team of Security Experts, Apps Developers. This creative vision with an exceptional methodology of Security Wall made it Easy for all Giants at their early period .


Security Wall is a unique initiative for all People Around the world who need online/cyber security or who need to secure their self before some one Attacks , who need guidance in online/Cyber Security .

Security Wall Co-Founder all members worked with world top companies i.e Adobe , eBay , Apple , Nokia , Cisco , Sony , Oracle ,Juniper , Yahoo , Microsoft , Spoeko , RedHat and Many more (80+) just for the sake of online Security and for the Users they have . We Also Helped Pakistani based top Companies Such as , , HCPServices , and Many More


Mobile/Gaming, Digital, Technology, Internet/Web


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