Raising awarness of social issues and education in the youth with creative and fun stories




Pakistan man is the first of its kind comic book in Pakistan.  It is the first super hero comic book in the country. There is nothing like this in the market for young people. We have launched a product that is fun and also educational. It raises awareness and also gets kids into reading and develops their vocabulary and writing skills. After self-publishing and printing the first issue with our own money all the issues were sold out in a month after being printed. Pakistan man has now launched 5 issues and it is getting more and more success with people demanding more comics and editions. This comic is particularly popular among young people ages 8-12 that are inspired by the super hero character and also learn about Pakistani issues. Pakistan man is also getting recognition from abroad as multiple universities in USA have ordered this comic book to be placed in their libraries. Some of the universities that have ordered this comic book include University of Chicago, Pennsylvania State University, Harvard University and others. So this comic book is representing Pakistan internationally and changing the image of this country. We are on a mission of going into schools and helping to eradicate the illiteracy of Pakistan through this comic.


Pakistan man comic book is the first super hero comic book in Pakistan. We are currently in more than 100 book stores across Pakistan and we also do book launches at various schools and univerisities across Pakistan to raise social awareness and education. 

Our revenue streams are :-

Sponsorship/ Advertising

Youth brands and companies that target the young people advertise in our issues which help in covering the cost of the comic book. Some companies that have advertised in Pakistan man include British Canadian International Education Ltd ,P.I.A , Newyorker pizza , Howdy etc 

Book Stores

Pakistan man is a very unique name in the market so it gets sold out very easily in every bookstore it has been placed. We are currently in more that 100 book stores across Pakistan where we make our sales.

Online Delivery

We have a very good presence on social media and have our own website. People who follow our page and see our website usually order online or through text message service which is a new service we have introduced. So with each issue we receive a lot of online orders and we have their numbers and contact saved for sending them more information and sending them the next issue. 

Book launches

We also do book launches at schools and universities which is also included in our total revenue for the comic book.

Pakistan man comic book has made a big impact in the local community. It is the first comic book and product of its kind and people are getting inspired and motivated by having a Pakistani super hero comic book they can relate to. We are being invited for interviews and for motivational speaking sessions to tell people how we came up this idea and how young people and entrepreneurs can learn from this. Pakistan man is starting to become a household name in some of the local communities in Islamabad as more and more people are starting to know about this comic book. People are recognizing this character and especially young people feel inspired whenever they buy this comic book as it inspires creativity and patriotism.

We have currently launched 5 issues so far and sold out the copies. We are a cash flow positive business and are already making a profit despite being a startup only 1 and half year old. We are working on more issues and more distribution in the future as well as introducing merchandise and animation. 




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