An increment in life




OxyGen as quoted  “an increment in life”,

You will be healthy when you will be treated properly at proper place. Good health is not something we can buy. We have to be careful about our health.

OxyGen is a medical search engine work like a medical directory.

Every person is facing health problems in Pakistan in terms of finding best doctors, hospitals, blood banks, blood societies at right time at nearest places. OxyGen will help you to find out best medical places and doctors according to your diseases. In case, you can find donors like blood or kidney etc.
Doctors and patients are facing problem of saving medical history. By using this, Doctors and patients can save medical history for future use and can view in future. SOS service will allow you to get rescued in case of emergency. Emergency profile made by public will be used by Rescue in case of emergency.
You can use this by sending text messages to reserved number of OxyGen and you will be entertained by getting desired result via text message on your cell phone.


                                        OxyGen is a full fledge Medical search engine.

 We are not being treated by really experienced doctors, because we really do not know about their qualification, experience and expertise. Oxygen will help us to solve this problem which will show list of Doctors and hospitals ranked by the public. You can decide where you want to go according to your budget and by viewing the profiles of hospitals and doctors.

SOS feature allows you to press selected key in case of emergency and then OxyGen will get you location and will respond according to the situation.

In hospitals there is always an emergency of finding donors usually blood.
OxyGen allows you to find any kind of donors like blood donor , kidney donor etc.
You can find any kind of donors nearest to you with in few moments without wasting time and can save yourself or your dear one.

Oxygen will provide opportunity to public to maintain their health profiles. They can save and manage their medical history, appointments with doctors and most importantly medical reports (laboratory). Doctors can also save the medical history of his patients.

Unfortunately in case of emergencies it is really difficult to contact with your relatives or parents because in unconsciousness you are really not able to provide these information. Through Oxygen platform rescue teams will be able to get patients relative contact number by finding profile of the persons by scanning their thumb, by entering their CNIC card or cell no if they found.

OxyGen also work without internet access and can be accessible in any place of Pakistan by just typing the query that you want to search and result will be back to your cell phone as text message.
Oxygen is the future of your life. Our aim to make people life healthy and easier to live.   
if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity.




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