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Micro-Nets is an educational product which sparks creative and explanatory thought process among students with the help of magnetic construction set. Our product is designed to create unlimited structural formations and help teachers teach various concepts to students in using visual aid. The resulting classroom environment is conducive to learn with no gap of understanding between books, students and teachers.  

Micro-Nets not just aims to be put this tool in the class room but also is taking the lead in terms of creating bigger impact by training teachers and conducting sessions with students on learning through 3d visualization and creating play and learn environment in schools


According to our survey research during past 3 years in the field of education, it is estimated that students face a lot of problems while learning science subjects due to less practical work. Teachers over-rely on books and don’t have the right tools to help students visualize the concept being taught.
We only have books to learn even students read books just to pass an exam, in this way, we can’t introduce productive and creative brains. Practical learnings are always useful and effective


Health/Pharmaceutical, Education/Creative, Agriculture, Technology, Others


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