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Jewelry Design Pro provides jewelry designers from all over the world a single online platform where they can upload their designs and sell them to jewelry retailers, manufacturers and individuals worldwide. As mainly a business-to-business oriented marketplace, we are eliminating the gap between jewelry customer & CAD designer by providing a virtual global marketplace for digitally downloadable jewelry designs. Customers have the option to search with multiple filters, make immediate purchases with the various payment methods and leave reviews while the sellers have the option of maintaining an unlimited personal portfolio and achieve recurring sales.


Jewelry Design Pro intends to eliminate the above-mentioned problems by providing a single online platform that can be accessed any where in the world via an Internet connection. With our market place, we give designers from all over world the opportunity to upload and share their designs with the global market and make recurring sales, and on the demand side, our customers will have access to those designs, with the option of instant purchasing at both, exclusive and non-exclusive prices. We also cater to the demand of customized designs. has an option to provide your own requirements on the website that can be seen by all the associated designers, who in response will create a design in accordance with those requirements for you to purchase.

By shopping at, customers will have access to a global variety of jewelry designs. This saves them time, as they won’t have to chase after designers and avoid the lag and delays; they can do targeted search using multiple search filters; will have access to portfolios of designs at just a click, and will also be able to purchase the types of designs they cannot get locally. Customers will also be able to save money by the availability non-exclusive pricing. For our jewelry designers, value creation will be in the form of access to global markets while sitting at home and the opportunity of recurring sales of their designs. Also, the risk of defaulting payments from the counterparty is eliminated. 


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