IRONFIST Technologies

Automation through Innovation.



“Providing automation solutions to the local industry, upgrading manual and
outdated machinery to NC (Numeric Control) and CNC (Computerized Numeric
Control ) levels.”

The business we are representing here is a remarkable step to revolutionize Pakistani
local industry. As of this day our local factory owner still owns manual and obsolete
machinery which are being hand operated by man labor completely. This brings us a lot
problem, like precision standards are very low. Worker safety is totally negated during
the operation of machine and time, energy and other resources are being wasted, which
can be saved. Iron Fist Technologies an endeavor of DSSSW Engineering Solutions
brings a solution to all these problems.

Through this marvelous business we aim to bring automation to the local industry,
increase their quality and efficiency. The solution to these problems in international
and developed countries like USA, China, Japan and Germany is CNC machinery.
CNC stands for Computerized Numeric Control machines but we aim to provide the
automation solution in our local industry within at least two to three times cheaper
investments as compared to the plan of importing CNC machines.

We aim to start on domestic level and grow up from there. Targeting middle level
factory owner and transform his industry with automated NC and CNC machinery and
work our way up through there is the main goal.


Business Description:
Ironfist Technologies is a newly founded engineering consultation
firm which works mainly in the field of Automation of all type of manual machinery,
being used in the local industry of Pakistan , in an effort to lead Pakistan towards a
totally revolutionized industrial production of the new world in next 5 to 10 years.
The type of business we are involved in is Engineering consultation and servicing
along with the manufacturing of our unique automated machine models.
Legal form of our business is Partnership.

Our Mission Statement is
“To provide automated, time saving, safe and most cost effective machinery to
local industry of Pakistan for increased and efficient production and vast export
volume through collaborative innovative strategies of our team with the local
industry owners”

Products and Services:
Our products and services include automation of obsolete machinery consisting of
manual movements and totally man operated mechanisms.
We are going to make this happen by the use of Micro-controllers, Servo/stepper
(Encoder based) motors and cheap electronic circuitry available in local market.
Our business will reduce the client’s labor to 50 % and increase the production up to
the scale of 1.5 without compromising precision and quality. Our local market has
started importing CNC machinery, which is highly expensive requiring a fully trained
and sufficiently paid technician to operate it. On the other hand we are eliminating the
imports of CNC machinery and offering them NC and CNC controls for their obsolete
machinery developed by Iron Fist Technologies, giving them high precision and quality
competing imported CNCs with easier controls. DSSSW Engineering Solutions is
different from the rest of the pack as we provide every type of user defined automation
solutions also.

The Market:
The current trend in our local industry is that, the small scale business owner is looking
for increased production and one of the very effective solutions to it is efficient
We intend to market our services to the local industry of Pakistan that are currently
using manual and unreliable machinery which makes up to over 70 percent of the
industry. We intend to educate our customers to buy from us through electronic media,
exhibitions and conferences.

Our only competitor in this business is CNC machines dealers.
They import second hand and worn out machinery, they repair it and then sell them.
Currently their business is right now increasing due to desperate demand of industrial
automation. Only obstacle we are going to face in this business is to make a local
factory owner understand the simplicity of our idea, that how our products are better
for them than imported CNCs. The solution of this hurdle is by showing them the
efficiency, precision and cost effectiveness of our product. Our service is much simpler
and cheaper than imported products and we can also show them that they are not using
their investments at full potential.

The basic operational plan is that our HR and PR department will reach out to factory
owners and industrial institutions and other departments which are working for the
advancement of technology in Pakistan. We will brief them about our product and
show them our working models. We will explain them that how can they improve their
production on tremendous levels while reducing the labor cost. The need of automation
in our industry will be well understood. The investment of this business plan will be
used according to plan and then we will start getting orders of varying kinds.

Production & Delivery:
Our production will be manufactured by us. We will not have any re-seller of our
product and we will not sell the rights to anyone other than us. First our Electrical
Engineering team will design the circuit and control system, then our Software
Engineers will encode the system using micro-controllers and finally Mechanical
Engineers will assemble the control system on machinery. We will finally give
automated machinery the final touch and make it workable, will test it and then we will
pack it up. The products after being packed will be delivered to the consumers. The
program code will lie with us and also some special chips which will be installed in the
i. Order Placement:
Order placement mechanism of this business is basically the whole of the art. There are
three mediums available for placing an order:
1. Arranging a Meeting (visiting, inviting, video conferencing)
2. Website
3. Telephone & Mobile
ii. Storage & Inventory Control:
We will maintain a warehouse of about 3 Marla. We will be taking the orders and
then we will start the production of the product. In this way, the business will take
the form of the consignments. Even if we have 20 or 30 products complete with us,
even then, this much area would be enough for us as the volume is not too much to
iii. Website
An interactive website has been developed on test purposes. It offers easy access to
the common to obtain information and buy our products. An additional feature of
the site to design your own automated system (Under Development)
Technology Utilization in Operations:
The use of technology in our operation of this business plan is already justified. The
ease of access through the use of technology is the hallmark of this business. How the
technology is being used in the product is self-explanatory. The utilization in the
services is in many ways. The customer complaints, queries, feedbacks, orders and
other sorts of communication will be possible through many modern media.


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