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Hayaat.pk is a complete healthcare platform that gives patients quick, easy, safe and legal access to healthcare facilities. With Hayaat.pk you can: Find a doctor, find blood donors, Find emergency centers, order medicines and Lab orders.


Hayaat.pk is a complete healthcare platform that gives patients easy access to healthcare facilities. Patients can find authentic doctors with respect to the specialties and book an appointment instantly. Users can also connect to a large number of volunteer blood donors and find nearest emergency centers as well. In addition, prescription medicines can also be ordered through Hayaat.pk from trusted pharmacies around the country along with getting the medical tests conducted at your home from renowned labs. 

Hayaat.pk, as the name suggests, is all about care for your life! We are committed around the clock to save you time and hassle of accessing health facilities. It needs no clarification that the healthcare sector of the country is going through rough patches and a lot of people are not able to find suitable medical facilities. In such a situation, Hayaat.pk stands out as the leading platform using which people can find a doctor and book an appointment online instantly. 

The health problems are not only limited to finding doctors only – the number of emergency cases is on the rise due to increase in population, growing number of accidents, and viral diseases like dengue, zika, and others. Through our platform, users can locate nearest emergency centers and take their patients in no time. In addition, Hayaat.pk also has a large database of registered volunteer blood donors along with their contact details. Needy people can contact the volunteer blood donors to arrange for blood through Hayaat.pk.


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