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Game Keys - Pakistan is an online niche with a profound potential and future.

Why do people buy from us?

As it is obvious from the name. The niche is about gaming. But a question arises here. Why would anyone wanna buy games when they can download them easily from torrents?

But here is the thing. The times have changed and in terms of gaming, piracy is almost coming to and end. The companies these days like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have their own servers now. And people tend to only play online now since internet is available everywhere now. And all these can only be played online if you buy them.

The Problem

But there is a problem. The people who buy or play these games are mostly teenagers. Mostly people from ages ( 15-22 ) and they don't have a credit card or any other online payment method to buy these games. And they are willing to pay the named price to buy them.

How we solved this problem?

This is where we come in. We buy the games online in bulk from different sites using Paypal and sell them here. We provide people of Pakistan with easy, cheap and a reliable platform to buy these games and codes. They buy the game of their choice by simply sending the payment through one of the payment methods in Pakistan, like Easy Paisa, U-Paisa, UBL Omni etc or through bank transfer if they are old enough to have one. After the payment in completed their game or product key is send to them in their inbox. There is no physical dealing involved.

There are tons of facebook groups and community for games like FIFA, Battlefield and many more and there are thousands of people who are willing to buy these games.

Future Plans

Games is just a start. We are plan on selling iTune cards, Google Play cards and many more. The possibilities are unlimited.

What we need?

Well we are already selling games and all. But because of limited fund. We can buy a limited number of products and sell them. We get more orders than the products we have. Because we can only buy a limited number of games due to lack of funds. 

If funded, I believe that this online business can go a long way.

Logic behind the name

The name Game Keys - Pakistan simply portraits that its for the people of Pakistan. It tell them that this platform is made just for them. Since all the dealing in this niche in online. We could also sell games and products to people all over the world. But funds are needed to do that.


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