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Lahore, Pakistan



Never miss closing a deal, or following up with a customer again.

  • Receive work inquiries through a contact form.
  • Manage customer information like a CRM.
  • Send professional proposals via email.


We had an ongoing problem with handling work inquiries coming mostly from our own website. We would either lose track of them because they would just drift down into the depths of our inboxes, and we would often forget to follow up on deals we didn’t receive a reply on. 

We figured all this trouble can be solved — at least to a point — with an app that would have the following basic feature set:

  1. simple form for capturing leads, similar to a contact form many sites have,
  2. a centralized place that would allow us to process these leads, that was not in our email inboxes, potentially lost or forgotten about among other email,
  3. a way to communicate with our customers through the app, as well as through standard email,
  4. ability to put together and send professional proposals as we couldn't be bothered to create PDFs each and every time someone wanted an estimate,
  5. an address book that consisted of profiles of people that contacted us, but one that we could add to manually as well.


Digital, Technology, FinTECH/Contactless Solutions, Internet/Web, Others


Muhammad Gohar Shafique


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