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Pakistani Matric/FSc students and Cambridge O-A Level Students across the
have to prepare for their board and/or CIE exams. Many students resort to tuition academies and private tutors. Parents of students incur a monthly cost of average PKR 3000-8000 per 1-3 subjects. The travel time to the tuition academies, coupled with large class sizes, hence lack of attention does not produce the required result in academic performance. Moreover, many students go to tuition academies in the evenings and/or after school which drains their energy and they develop apathy over time. For tutors who visit the student's home, the per subject cost is too high for some parents to afford, specifically in the Matric/FSc domain. 


EDXLink is a semi-AI based system that uses Matric/FSC and Cambridge O/A Level content and generates tailor made content according to the student's weaknesses and strengths in a particular subject. For example, EdxLink's diagnostic test of the student finds out that the student is weak in 9th Grade Standard deviation. Now, the next 1-2 weeks of practice tests, video content will be related to Statistics and Standard Deviation according to the above syllabus, till the student performs good in it. Analytics reports would be available to the student and his/her parent. 


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