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Management Team:

The current management team has three members: Wajahat, Waseem and Mujeeb.

Wajahat handles the company's operations in the broader sense. His skills are best used where excessive thinking and problem solving is required.

Waseem works over the technical aspects of product development and handles key roles when itcomes to day to day decision making.

Mujeeb oversees thetechnical aspects and has key roles in the product development.


Customer Problem:

Students these day share a lot of opportunities to avail, but the amount of time that they have is always limited. For example, if a student wants to go for LUMS as well as NUST the same time, he won’t because a lot of time will be wasted on filling the Application forms as well as the money will be lost. Meanwhile he also have to prepare for the Board/A-Level exams for which he can’t take leverage.

He won't get proper time for studying or he will be left one year at bay. Because he was unable to concentrate properly on studies because of the Admission Deadlines’ Tensions.

Now he can apply toall the universities/workshops/internships/scholarships or even can his degrees attested from HEC and IBCC while staying at home.He just have to Email or Whatsapp the photos of the documents and the fees by Easypaisa rest will be assured by Dastawezat’s Team. Plus DASTAWEZAT is a fun site to interact with other students as well and can know of other universities as well.


Target Market:

The market is whole country and has a concentration among young people between the ages of 12 and 30.

A major market segment are college students and recent graduates who are always short on time,have tons of aspirations and are fond of using social media.

Business Model:

Users pay Rs 500 surcharge for submitting a single form. With each University Admission opening our projected Customers are around 50 thus making around Rs 25000. After expenditures of the courier,printing and transaction fees etc, we have a gross income of 13750 Admission Univ. And there will be discounts on referrals/groups.

Since each user reach out to their friends for discounts, we get good traffic plus referred form submiters. This promises exponential growth via social media.

Sales and Marketing Strategy:

Users share their referrals link with their friends to get discounts for them. If we assume that each user reaches out to 100 friends through social media and that only 3 people among them decide to avail this, we get 450 new customers through this 3% growth rate.

This means 1 University Admission Opening gives us 50 customers, 50 give us 30 and they give us 270 and so forth.

The gamification inthe contest will retain users.


We have no competitors who work on the model we work on. There are counseling websites through which users can get information regarding 'admissions'. On the other hand, we help them by submitting the forms on their behalf and helping them by connecting with the Education Experts and Current College Students as well.

Plus, online counseling websites focus on providing Admissions Information. We focus on providing them  the complete Campus information and scholarships etc.


Competitive Advantage:

We have the first mover advantage on the internet for introducing a platform that provides this Form Submission service and connecting the Students together.


Dastaweezat facilitates the current FSc/A Grade students by submitting their Admission forms along with all the necessary documents (like photocopies of DMCs, photographs, bankdrafts) in the respective institutes. Thus saving extensive amount of money along with their time for their studies.

Dastaweezat initially constitutes its operations in mainstream Universities (GIKI, UET Peshawar, Taxilla, Lahore, NUST-all campuses, KMC). Dastaweezat will take use of its different Student Ambassadors/Franchises in these universities to submit the documents that will save their time from long qeues and deadlines and obviously money will be saved.    


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Wajahat Imam


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Fakhar Abbas


Mujeeb Ur Rehman

Waseem Sajjad