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Cure junction is basically an online appointment system for making appointments with doctor. It is a well managed system that will give complete facility to doctors for scheduling their appointments and managing their timings as well as complete facility to patients for making appointments and finding better health care services. It includes many other health care facilities. Service providers like blood bank pharmaceutical company, laboratory etc can registered here and can provide their services to users. 

This website is a complete heath care package and an easy way to access these health care services.


The Project  is  based  on development of  web application  that will allow online users to view the medical facilities in their respective area including hospitals, doctors, clinics and test laboratories. The  purpose  of  this  web  application  is  to  automate  the  traditional  appointment  making method  that  is  followed  in  our  country.  Classical  appointment  making  techniques  are  not efficient as they are hectic and it is non-practical in this busy world to wait for hours in order to  get  an  appointment.  Also  assistant  of  doctor  may  convey  wrong  appointing  timing  to patient via telephone.Our  web  application  aims  to  introduce  online  appointment  making  technique  with  their desired physician.  Although online appointment  already been practiced in foreign countries. A  bunch  of  web  applications  are  there  on  internet  to  provide  this  functionality  but  in  our country  this  will  be  going  to  be  introduced  for  the  first  time.  Our  product  is  a  first  web 
application in this field. Web application is a complete system and not part or functionality of an overall system.


Mobile/Gaming, Hardware/IOT, Internet/Web


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