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American author Napoleon Hill once wisely remarked, “No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like”.

Every year, millions of students around the globe find themselves at a stage of life where they have to choose a career path. A small fraction of these young men and women go to a career professional for counseling and advice. An even smaller percentage of people find themselves at the right career direction at a certain point in their life.

A recent study suggests that 65% of Americans are not happy with their career choice. This is slightly higher than their level of happiness when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Unfortunately in the developing world, career counseling has not yet been accepted as an important thing to do in life. People choose their career either because of their parents' pressure or by simply following the footsteps of some other person in the society.

Career counseling is as important as choosing a life partner. If you end up choosing the wrong career, the feeling would not be any lesser than how it might feel to choose a wrong life partner.

Our aim is to introduce career counseling as an important part of life and that at a very early stage of life. We want to make it interesting and adaptable by both parents and kids through interactive and innovative means.


Imagine not being able to choose a career path at the right time and spending rest of your life doing something you don't like. It would hurt even more thinking about how different life would have been if the career, that you have always dreamed about, was pursued instead of going the wrong direction.

We believe that the counseling needs to be started at a very early age and this is why we came up with Chooza.

Chooza aims to engage students, starting grade 5th onward, in exploring their abilities through gamification which will help them choose their career path by identifying their hidden talent.

The system would include a web and mobile app built on basis of Holland's Theory of Career Choice.

The system will be intelligent enough to give basic suggestions but the user can always be linked to a professional career counselor through an online interface.

An important part of the system is a separate section for parents to oversee their child's profile before they turn 18.


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