Wireless Medicine

Lahore, Pakistan



Mission Statement:

“To improve the quality of life of out stakeholders by providing modern, efficient and affordable wireless medicine solutions. “


The health care situation of rural even urban areas of Pakistan is abysmal. We don’t either have enough resources or they are extremely expensive. So to remedy this CARDIOGRAHICS for the first time in Pakistan is introducing wireless medicine solutions. Our first product is a portable ECG machine which is very cheap compared to its competitors and with this machine we are also developing a mobile and web application interface to introduce wireless medicine.


·         Two hundred thousand deaths annually due to cardiac diseases mostly in areas with low health care facilities.

·         People have to travel to big cities for proper health care even if the problem is very small because of no way of early detection.

·         People die even without knowing they had a cardiac disease just because less resources.



·         Price 8 times less than the cheapest competitor.

·         ECG primary test for heart trouble detection.

·         Wireless medicine interface.

·         Locally produced.

·         Solves one of the biggest problems.

·         Saves time, lives and money.

·         Caters to a unique problem never addressed before.

·         Devoted team.

Revenue Streams:

·         Direct sales model.

·         Advertisement model.

·         Recurring Revenue model.

·         Affiliate model.


·         Normal people.

·         Doctors (private).

·         Hospitals.

·         Government.


Mobile/Gaming, Agriculture, Technology


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