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BookStuff is Pakistan's online bookstore. You can buy and sell books online. There is no limit of books that you can order. You can put queries of any book on the website, without any registration or login. The order will be processed and you will be notified. The payment will be received on successful delivery of the book(s).Pricing strategy of BookStuff is competitive. Books will be offered either on lower or competitive prices than the book stores present in local markets, university's / college's bookshops, etc.


BookStuff is an online book store. It allows both buyers and sellers to register on the web and start buying or selling their books online. The one stop shop for all books buyers and sellers. The non-piarated books would not be an issue to buy expensive because of the ability to sell it again in the market. The book stores would also be provided with an integrated software by BookStuff to automatically align their books inventory with their web. This way it would be very easy for under-educated book retailers to sell easily online and in their shops.


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