Auto Genie Pakistan

Proudly making you Lazy!

LCE, 3rd Floor SDSB Building,LUMS, Sector U, DHA-Lahore.


Auto Genie is initiated with a vision to cut down the mental burden of car owners to deal with car repairs and maintenance. Gone are the days when you had to spare your Sunday for an Oil Change or getting a car wash. We help you cheer up your weekends. Book your car appointments with us and think done. We deliver most of our services at doorstep. Most innovative and most wanted services under one name-that's AG.We bridge a gap of communication between customers and workshops. Educating mechanics and changing the way how customer interacts. A peace of mind for the car owners and such that they can be very sure of not getting ripped off!


Unveiling more than a few innovative services which were never introduced before this minute. We maintain, repair and guard your car on periodic basis for on time fixes and preventive repairs. The company connects with finest local workshops (garages), vendors and mechanics in different towns in order to ensure finest workmanship on your car. Mechanics on wheels is a distinguished service in which you get your car checked at your place and they would also take your cars to the workshops if needed and drive back. You get Instant Access to the local garages, finest men working, and unmatched subsidized prices. The company operates virtually and has acquired Consultancy expertise with formation of a skilled crew. Starting from one, they offer up-to twenty diverse services and all that for a single membership. It is as good as; you sign up for the membership; you get your car maintained – heal n healthy- and there’s nothing to worry about. Fuel Spike is an exception though! All this for a few hundreds. You would never have expected to get an Oil Change or a Car Wash at your doorstep without any extra charges using state-of-the art equipment. Seven days a week. We value your time and help you make it of good use rather to spend hours on a service stations. All of our services are available online and over the phone.




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