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Home Automation

Home Automation


Umbrella strives to upgrade the lives of its customers by solving the problems they face on daily basis. Our company focuses on making innovative products that would create a safe, secure & smart environment for people to live and enjoy a comfortable life.


Our startup is based on Home Automation Systems which solves a variety of problems that we face today in different aspects of life that cut short our expenses, secure our environment, upgrade our lifestyle by making it comfortable & above all save electricity.

The first problem is the consumption of time & manpower in manual switching of different interrupts that we face during work such as opening the doors, switching the lights & fans, turning on the Air conditioners, controlling the water motors. Most of the organizations are dependent upon people to perform these tasks & they get paid for it.


Our product enables you do all this switching by simply a tap on your mobile phone.

Secondly there are many times when you leave home & forget to turn off the lights or any other electrical appliance such as an air conditioner or a heater which consumes a lot of electricity. And to make things worse, when you remember about it you have to go all the way back to turn it off. But through our home automation system you can easily turnoff anything which you forgot without coming back home.


Also when you are away from house it is very risky for the children to be left alone who are too told for baby sitting. They might get into some trouble or open the doors to some stranger. This is where our device would not only allow you to monitor your children through the security cameras but also you'll receive a notification at your smart phone whenever anyone presses the doorbell. Hence not only can you monitor him but you can lock & unlock the gate from where you are sitting. 


Our device enables the client to monitor his Main Gate to see who is at the door & unlock the gate if he desires from office, workplace anywhere in the world by just a tap on his smart phone. 


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