Cricket will never be the same again



Cricket is world's second most popular sport which is played and loved by over 120 million people in more than 125 countries.

There are a lot of cricket fans who want to play but are not able to find a team to join that is playing nearby. Even if they have a team they may not have enough players to setup a match with teams to compete with.

Crickay intends to cater to both of the above and also to every kind of player out there who is just looking to play. Crickay hopes to create a platform for individuals with cricket at their hearts and focus.


Using this application, a single player can join a cricket match, create a team, invite players to his/her team and create matches which other users can join and teams can setup challenges for other teams situated in the area/region/city and/or hopefully more one day.

Our app will use discovery algorithm to find players, teams and matches. For a single player to join a match is as simple as swiping left or right on the screen and selecting the most suitable team to play with.

The ‘fremium’ feature is that teams may set buy-in credits for available slots in a team’s line-up; teams can challenge other teams in exchange for credits which can be cashed out, etc.




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