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Alhalal farm is goat breeding and fattening project aimed to produce the fresh and healthy meat and milk. We initiated the project in 2013 with half million investment visioning to expand the project to have a herd of 300 goats.


We have been involved in goat farming for over 2 years now, starting as a very small herd and increasing it in stages. We researched the market even before starting business but the actual challenges were met after starting the business which was out of any lay man’s assumptions. We faced the challenges, learned from mistakes, got benefits of right decisions and finally established base line strategy of this industry. Only after that we came into an outlook to start a bigger venture project for our better future and to ensure that our supporters will get what we promise and we will be able to achieve the targets. Research was done both technically and practically. As being in industry for one year, we found the challenges online and even in practical world. Manage to analyze the gaps between ideas and implementation. Having ability to access a lot of research work online and over the internet, we managed to learn about many diseases to breeds, and this information was matured through practical experimentation and responses to actual trade itself.The project is setting up a goat breeding and fattening farm in promising areas of Al Halal Farms. The document highlights all the marketing, management, and financial aspects required for the establishment and successful running of the project.The farm will serve as breeding and rearing farm for goats. The project can be established in promising areas for goat breeding where abundance of fresh water is available. The proposed farm will ensure the breeding of disease free animal as it will overcome the disadvantage of bringing the diseases from the animal markets (Mandi).The project will attain a completely new breed through the cross of the female local goats with the crossed male goats, like Taddi , Rajanpuri Gulabi , Beatle Makka cheena Brown , Naqara etc. By this, after two breeding cycles the project will develop its own breed that is most suitable to the local environment.Economics Facts about our industry above 70% household perform Qurban during Hajj festivals, around 60% household perform Aqiqa for their children. Almost 90% of households eat goat meat every now and then. Even with a large herd, we can’t even manage full supply to a town, forget cities. Current demand in very visible and very obvious, that all animals do get sold either on festival or even at any point of time during the year. Every year the market seems to be increasing by a diversifying ratio of 15-20% keeping behind the inflation and similar factors of impact. Growth potential and opportunity for a business of our size will be massive and impact on local development will be great as some opportunities are created for local community as well.Mission: is to make the Pakistan’s farming industry stronger and reap the potential into natural and al-round business opportunities in HALAL ways and means, also to provide quality animals to public on reasonable, non inflated prices and to conserve the quality breeds of Pakistan for goats. Business philosophy is to generate “HALAL” and sufficient income to reach financial freedom.


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