Mind Manager ( The Real Mind Detecting game )

Improve Your IQ, Memorizing ability, & conciousness




}There is no any instant tool available for  Medical Practitioners,  in order to detect the patient current status of mind, for his better treatment.
}  Difficulty & Time consuming observational techniques for detecting  IQ, Memorizing ability,  three states of Mind, for instructor either in Class room or in interview Panel.
}There is no any Real medical psychology game on Google play store as well as on apple app store for billions of smart phone users around the Globe.
}Lack of innovations & entrepreneurial culture in, Pakistan mostly in Northern areas. 


Mind Manager is A real mind game Comprises of a board which consist up of 32 Balls & 33 Holes, In this game A user can use their mind To left one Piece In the Last, here you can also check your Mind Level In current Time. Mind manager at the end of the game tells you about your mind conscious level, unconscious, and sub conscious, beside this mind manager Also tells You About your Memorizing Ability and IQ. 
You can increase your IQ by playing Mind Manager Play & Improve Section Where You Can Increase Your Average IQ and Mind level. You Will enjoy This Mind Game by keeping the thing In mind that You Must Left 1 Piece On The last. 

There Are three Core parts Of Mind manager Game 
1) Play & Improve 
2) Stages
3) Challenges 

on the current Time Two Parts Are Completely Active & functional 
Play & improve section of mind manager game Is A real one With the variables of Time, no of pieces left, And Current Score. Play & improve Section is the real medically proved section, this Section Is Not the fiction but on the basis of real calculation mind manager will Judge your mind. 

The second portion of challenges Is Just for fun where you must Complete A Stage Within given time Period. 
And challenges Section is Surprise For All of you Guys 

1) To Check The Person real Mind level, IQ Level, Memorizing Ability, Mind Concious, Unconcious & Subconscious Level Through Real Formulas & Logics
2) To Improve The Mind Level Of Users 
3) To Improve The IQ level Of users
4) To Increase the Memorizing ability 
5) To increase The consciousness Of mind. 

How To Play; 

You Can play This Game By just Jumping from Other marbles in a straight way method And Cross Way Method learn more About it With mind manager tutorial 

salient Features;
Improving your Mind With easy game
Easy to understand 
Excellent User interface 
Rolling of balls With Moving of your mobile Phone 
Dynamic Environment where you can see your Facebook friends Mind level 

learn this Game Completely with the help of Tutorials Present On Youtube. 
Play this Game More Attentively 
Play With Passion 
Focused On each Step Will Ultimately Leads To one Piece At last 
Try to play this Game when you feel fresh 




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