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Revolutionary Smart phone application that will connect offline users to the world of online collaboration services.


SceneOn aims to provide digital collaboration services to users who do not have access to Services such as Careem, Uber etc., that are aimed at providing services to masses, without internet; either completely or at a given point when they need to avail these services. Without internet, these services are totally inaccessible. The problem is two-fold; There is potential revenue loss for the service provider by not being able to tap into a large chunk of the population, and for the end user who is unable avail these services at critical times.

SceneOn is a platform which allows users to interact with online services using SMS based smart phone application. The end user makes a selection, i.e. calling a cab from Careem using the applications GUI. However, once the required option is selected, instead of the application connecting to the host server, it compiles the data from the selected options and sends it along with GPS coordinates via encrypted sms to SceneOn’s server. The sms is then decoded at the server and converted into a web request and passed on to the actual service provider using an application programming interface (API). The response from the service provider is again received on SceneOn’s servers and passed back to the user via an encrypted sms and the status of the application is updated again. The sending and receiving of sms is transparent to the user since the application will be doing this at the back end; The sms will simply translate into an updated status within the app interface/GUI and thus maintaining the overall customer experience. The app will also feature the same services in Urdu thus extending the reach further to the masses.

While the main target market is offline users, the application aims to cater the online users as well. The users with internet connectivity will be able to avail additional features such as comparing the rates of two services or being able to estimate the fare of a cab ride etc.


Mobile/Gaming, Technology, Reservation/Booking/Ticketing, Travel/Delivery, Internet/Web


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