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CabsWiki is a 360 degree vehicle dispatch system. Its a cross platform software functioning on multi-tier architecture. CabsWiki is designed and engineered at Code Engineers Laboratories. Packaged into web and mobile applications, CabsWiki is a modern day dispatch management solution to the core; thus making every day business work flow robust and tidy while managing a fleet of vehicles. CabsWiki has tons of functionalities that incircles the compass of vehicles and their drivers, passengers and bookings they make, real time tracking through GPS and Google Maps. CabsWiki has been crafted to be suitable for companies scaling from small to large to enterprise levels. CabsWiki is easy, user friendly and modern. With its rich applications, zones selection and vehicles assignment is possible easily.


In todays fast World, vehicle automation is a necessity of every business whether Taxi Dispatchers or Goods Delivery Companies. CabsWiki automate these sectors through its intelligent vehicle automating solution. Companies having vehicles can use the software for both purposes. Taxi Dispatching companies can avail the software through our enhanced subscription system. Various packages have been designed to fit your specific needs. Available on cloud and smart phones make it possible to start operating right from day first.


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