Changing Pakistan

Everyone talks about changing Pakistan because no one is happy with situation we are in, but are we ready to do something about it? If we are, then most of us don't know where to start from, due to which we get frustrated and converse a lot rather than doing something practical about it.


Essential Question

So the essential question is, what do we do to play our part to bring about the change we aspire for. The easier choices are to support or join a political party that is promising in its election manifesto to bring about that change, which is close to your heart or maybe even establish one of your own. Take a philanthropic route, either establish your own NGO or become part of an existing one and help them to build schools, hospitals, feed the needy, promote education, etc.

The answer is Entrepreneurship!

However past experiences tell us that both routes have not been able to bring about the sizable change which Pakistan truly needs, nor can we expect that change in the near future. So what do we do as individuals to bring about the enormous change, which will ultimately change the lives of people? The answer is Entrepreneurship!