Silicon Valley Model

It has been debated for several years whether it is realistic to replicate silicon valley model in other parts of the world and expect similar sort of results, however in recent years entrepreneurial community of the world has reached to a conclusion that it wouldn't bring similar results due to the constraints which are not in our hands, primarily pointing at human element. Closest analogy would be a human being itself, even if we are able to replicate it nerve by nerve and cell by cell, we won't be able to make it alive because soul will be missing!

Entrepreneur Dreams of Achieving

Therefore, under JumpStart Pakistan we are going to create similar eco-system but in a controlled environment. There are plenty of small and medium size enterprises in Pakistan headed by CEOs which went through whole Entrepreneurial life cycle. They started out with very primitive setup, successfully gone through startup stage, scaled the company and achieved what every entrepreneur dreams of achieving. They will be our Shepherds, Mentors, Investors for our new prospective entrepreneurs with excellent ideas.


Expected Results in Pakistan

It has been seen that conventional model of investing in startups through Venture Capital or Angel networks hasn't produced expected results in Pakistan and even if they did, those were in very small numbers, were short lived and failure rate was quite high.

Green House Environment

In JumpStart Pakistan model, CEOs of existing companies will take these new startups on board, they'll provide them green house environment in which thesestartups will organically grow, they'll be the new CEOs of these startups, they'll invest in exchange of equity in these startups, they'll be on the driving seat during the startup phase, they'll train one of the co-founders to ultimately become the CEO of the startup and finally they'll step down once one of the co-founder is ready to assume the responsibility of chief executive.