In the spirit of constantly evolving and changing trends, this year, instead of the two traditions “Dinner with the CEO” and “Entrepreneurial Movie Night” being held separately, JumpStart Pakistan took the concept a step further, mixed these two into one and organized its very first “24 Hours with CEOs”.

Form April 2nd (5 pm) to April 3rd (6 pm) 2016". all the signed up attendees were exposed to a collection of well-known CEOs. Discussions, dinner and then movie followed by sleep time, breakfast, and further discussions over lunch and finally a wrap-up was the agenda. All questions were answered, all confusions were cleared, rookies were turned to refined entrepreneurial beginners.

Another episode of this very trend was arranged again in November 2016, answering in to the amazing reception the first episode received.

JumpStart Pakistan’s Juggernaut event, Shepherd’s Pie had the honor of hosting its Season II in Pakistan facilitating seedstarsworld* in 2016 as well. The first episode was conducted in the beautiful city of Rawalpindi. It also served as a preshow for this year’s seedstarsworld* Competitions with its regional Finale in Islamabad, 2016.

16 brilliant start-up ideas were pitched to a panel of CEOs Which were present as potential investors and jury members. 4 out of these were selected to move to round 2, the finale in Islamabad. The qualifying start-ups were Ultimo, Dastawezaat, Photolinga and Tame.

The 2nd episode of Shepherd’s Pie was held in the culture-rich city of Peshawar on the 15th of October, 2016. 8 start-ups made their pitches out of which our esteemed jury members announced 3 winners. “Ghar ka Khaana”, “Oyo Tabs” and “Micro labs” were the ones who qualified to the next round.

Using the amazing success in Rawalpindi and Peshawar as a catalyst, JumpStart Pakistan held their next Shepherd’s Pie event in the big and beautiful Karachi.

Conducted on October 29, 2016, the event covered 8 start-up pitches, out of which 4 were offered up to 4.8 Million PKR investment with 25% equity by our Shepherds’ panel. The jury selected 3 start-ups to be sent to the next round. They were Automate, Khazanay and Query Tech.

Shepherd’s Pie’s next episode and the final one before the Regional Finale was held in the hub of Punjab, Lahore on November 19, 2016.
With the expertise of our honorable jury members, 3 out of 11 start-up pitch ideas were finalized to be accompanying the rest of the city qualifiers to appear and pitch in the regional finale seedstarsworld* all set to be conducted in the same month in Islamabad. 3 start-ups also got offers of around 4.5 Million PKR in return of 25% equity by our shepherds. The winning start-ups were Bliinda, Auto Ads and Perhai.

Start-ups were handpicked from all over Pakistan and had already proved their mark in brilliance and mental strength, however, we at Jumpstart Pakistan took it on ourselves to make sure that every single one of them were ready for the big test.

With the biggest event of the year, Shepherd’s Pie Season II Finale, just a few days away, a 3 day (72 hours) boot camp was arranged at LaunchPad7 with the motive of further refining the selected start-ups. Starting November 22, 2016, all the selected start-ups were gathered at LaunchPad7. Detailed discussions with CEOs on how to pitch impressively and how to showcase the thought process used into hatching the idea were arranged and possible confusions in minds of the candidates were removed. This led to the 2nd episode of “24 Hours with CEOs” which concluded with the seedstarsworld* regional finale only a few hours later.

4 cities, 4 events, 14 critically selected start-ups. That’s what it took to reach this stage where everything was set for the winner to achieve sheer greatness!

Shepherd’s Pie did its due all through the year and gathered 14 gems from around the country ready to be subjected to a chance to represent Pakistan in the seedstarssummit* in Switzerland and win up to $1 Million in investment.

November 25, 2016, the stage was set; the stakes were set up, all start-ups polished via Boot Camps, ready to take their entrepreneurial leap. It was a tough competition, critically judged by the best in the business. One start-up came out on top, “Tame” won itself the right to being called the Shepherd’s Pie Season II Pakistan Champion along with a chance to represent their country; Pakistan at the seedstarssummit* in Switzerland.

In the year of 2016, TAME was the startup Idea that qualified first from their city’s (Rawalpindi) Shepherd’s Pie II episode, second from Shepherd’s Pie II Pakistan Finale (Islamabad) and from there got their Switzerland ticket punched all the way to seedstarssummit* to represent Pakistan. Their start-up idea revolved around helping cope with the disease called “Tremors” in which a human body shakes uncontrollably. They were designing a mechanism to counteract those shaking movements helping Tremors patients to live life normally.

2016 Startups

Other than these highlighted events, JumpStart Pakistan played organizer in countless workshops, training sessions and boot camps throughout the year, helping equip the young minds with all possible skills they need to grow in today’s times.
Alongside sole creations, JSP also partnered in multiple events and conferences conducted by fellow change creators, in order to make our beloved country prosper in the right direction while itself always staying true to the actual core motive of JumpStart Pakistan,

“JumpStart Pakistan is a movement to
Change Pakistan through Entrepreneurship,
We are creating Greenhouses up and down the country
Through which we’ll Insha ALLAH grow Startups Organically”

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