JumpStart Pakistan FastTrac® NewVenture Program

FastTrac® NewVenture™ Program Begins November 14th


Kauffman FastTrac is an international USA based certification being offered in Pakistan by Jumpstart Pakistan. It is a 3 months enlarged certification comprising of 3 hours session/workshop every weekend being facilitated by Kauffman authorized facilitator. This step-by-step hands-on program is taught by seasoned entrepreneurs who will help you craft your business idea. If you are a micro-business, home-based business, part-time business, mompreneur, or just interested in turning your hobby into a business, this program is ideally suited for you.
The road of successful entrepreneurship begins with a passion for an idea, a business plan based on research and analysis and the persistence to pursue the vision. Whether you have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur or recent circumstances have triggered your thoughts of starting a business, FastTrac New Venture is designed to introduce you to the key elements of successful entrepreneurship.

Download a PDF flyer here.

The Ten-week extensive intensive program takes aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs through a series of courses and hands-on workshops building business competency and exploring the viability of their individual business models. The sessions also incorporate general business acumen, network building, and presentation skills.


November 14th, 2015
Every Saturday
11 AM - 2 PM


LaunchPad 7 Islamabad
Dot Zero Karachi

Course Summary :

  • Explore entrepreneurship;
  • Identify and meet market needs;
  • Objectively evaluate business concepts and plans for moving forward;
  • Develop a working knowledge of business fundamentals such as marketing, product/service development, management, and financials;
  • Begin building infrastructure, and business operations and processes;
  • Explore the risk and success factors in the marketplace;
  • Understand how to access the human, financial, and business resources;
  • Network with entrepreneurs and professionals;
  • Respond to changes that can impact business; and
  • Build an actionable business plan.
  • Click here to download a PDF flyer about the JumpStart Pakistan FastTrac NewVenture Program.