Making Abbottabad a Startup City

Start-Up City Abbottabad:

We believe in the power of ideas to change lives, attitudes and eventually, the world. We endeavor to help those individuals who yearn to play their part in adding something better to common man’s life.

Startup City is JumpStart Pakistan’s initiative in the direction of making every city of Pakistan a Startup city. This is the Abbottabad Chapter.

We promote young entrepreneurs and their startup ideas. We believe in building a business from the ground up and for that, we have started this movement of making Pakistan’s entrepreneurship model one of its own kind and not a replica.

Since the movement is growing in the right direction, to expand our horizons, we are branching out to all major cities of Pakistan (15 for 2018) so that our idea becomes a nationwide phenomenon and Pakistan becomes a prominent name in the countries with stable Entrepreneurial background.

Meet Our Team

Fakhar Abass

Manager Operations


Chief Coordinator

Zukhraf Gull

Event Coordinator

Shahzada Mahzeb

Event Coordinator

Shaayan Khalid

Graphic Designer

Hasnat Ahmed

Web Developer



M. Adil Khan

M.Atif Tariq

Nouman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan

Lukman Haroon

Mamoon Saleem


Zeeshan shafquat malik

Zaydan Khan

Abid Iqbal Khari

Sara Ephraim


Tariq Javed

Muhammad Azim

Salman Farooq

Khurram Mujtba


Ammar Hussain Jafri

Yasir Javed

Syed Arsalan Ali


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