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The constant & severe gaps in ‘live saving donation’ (LISD) (be it Blood, Hair, Organs), both in the developing & developed countries.

Think of UD as a 'Uber' for donation or a centralized database, that bring together the donor agencies and donors on to one platform.

We here at UD believe:

If you are a sort of student who believes that helping a fellow human being should not be restricted by nationality, race, geographical boundaries, technology or misconceptions, then we will help you bring down those barriers, by bridging technical & emotional tools, that restricts you from become a universal donor.


Here are some gaps (in Pak, US & Aus respectively):

Blood: 11% volunteer blood donors 33% needed; 10% volunteer while 36% needed; 2.2 days available 6 days’ reserve needed.

Hair: 300 K recovering from Chemo; 2 Million suffering from Hair loss; 86 K recovering from Chemo

Organs: 3 k; 119 K; 17 K are on Organ Donation list.

These gaps are growing owing to misconception, social taboos & most importantly the lack of interactive tools that could help in bridging the gaps between donor agencies & donors.

There are many organization, social clubs, and universities, that are working independently, but there are no platforms that link them together, in real time. We also see that there are a lot of international students going to foreign countries but there is no platform that links them to the donor agencies.


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