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Almost 25 million children are out of school in Pakistan (State of Pakistan's Children report, 2011). The huge number of dropout children is the high and unaffordable cost of education. Pakistan, where poverty is increasing day by day, the education is considered as leisure. The poor strive for filling their empty bellies, they need food to eat and shelter to live, and after these basic facilities are met then they think about education. But when it comes to educations they are unable to pay the expenses of schools moreover the quality of education is also poor, the main focus is on bringing good grades while true learning is not given an heed. The current education system of Pakistan encourages root learning which needs to be changed by giving due importance to learning and problem solving rather than simply memorizing and reproducing. Our team members are from different culture and backgrounds which give us slight edge in bridging the cultural and social barriers.


In Pakistan the infrastructure of schools remains the top priority whereas the quality of education at schools is on 2nd priority. Every school is in race of building huge schools equipped with luxurious facilities like air conditioners, state of the art lighting system, alarm system and such other things. Most of the money is spent on these aesthetics. This result in huge financial budgets of schools and the requirements of this budget are met from the pockets of students and their parents in the form of paying high monthly fees.

We at The Tent School System believe that the top priority should be given to the quality of education rather than infrastructure. By Quality education we mean to impart such education which encourages problem solving and enhances the thinking capabilities of the students. The students can learn and excel in an environment having basic facilities of shelter and lighting, provided that they are given quality education.

The Tent School System has almost no infrastructure cost, thereby resulting in charging nominal fee and for those who can’t afford they will be exempted from paying this nominal fee. The students are taught in a well ventilated tent. The tent serves as a shelter from sun and other environmental factors. There is no compromise on quality of education. We are using 2 Tablet PC’s per Tent School, the teacher uses these PC’s to facilitate the child’s learning. The Tent School System serves as blessing for the underprivileged slums of Pakistan. Where the parents have no adequate resources to send their children to schools and afford their fees. This initiative of Tent Schools gives them opportunity to get high quality education at affordable price.


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