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·     We offer a special type of fodder system and animal feed for domesticated livestock such as cows, rabbits, sheep and horse and for poultry industry. The fodder system is based on hydroponic culturing (vertical forming) of plants in absence of soil, sunlight and on less dependency of water. 

It is a natural alternative of conventional animal feed that will boost health and it grow rapidly. The concept that plants need soil and sunlight is not totally correct, we grow this type of animal feed in a room. In different experiment and commercialized fodders, milk yield is increased up to 15 % and 11% increase in mild quality. This process can replace convention expensive food additives Khal and Vanda (used in Pakistan), that costs up to 200 PKRs per day for a buffalo. According to one of the expert hydroponic fodder market is up to 2 million dollars in Australia on initial stage.

     We have multiple future perspectives line with the same idea to expand the spectrum of this business on different domain of customer range from farmer to general person.


·   Small rooms can produce tons of animal feed just within 7 days instead of months. Our agriculture food stuff is highly rich source of proteins (20% more than routine animal feed), vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in rapid digestion and increase the health of agriculture livestock. Due to more controlled conditions in rooms bacterial, viral and fungal infections can be eliminated that largely affect the milk and meat production.




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