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Trends have been changing since long in terms of Education. It started off with schools and academies where the physical presence of student and teacher was necessary. But with the passage of time the busy lifestyle of people has given it a rusty look people do not had time to drive their kids to the academies; disabled persons were left with no option to learn; professionals had availability issues; parents had concerns over the validity of this procedure in terms of the attention paid to the student in a crowded class. The trends then shifted to the online learning where the student has just to enroll in an online forum for academic as well as professional courses. Online forums have online video and text lectures but the problem is that these forums leave a gap in learning. If one has a question or confusion, he is left with no satisfactory solution.

On the other hand in corporate sector, meetings are an integral necessity on daily basis. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to gather at a meeting hall. In case of NGO’s the officials have to move to remote areas for a meeting session of an hour or two. There is a need of an easy way to take care of these business matters.


E-Meet is multitasking application that can act alone or integrate with web portal for meetings, video conferencing or can integrate with our Learn Live web portal that can help creating a complete virtual classroom.

Learn Live

In case of Online learning E-Meeting integrates with our learn live portal that fills the gaps left in the online learning system by adding a feature of online interactive sessions where the learner can discuss his confusions with a professional instructor. With our Learn Live system we offer features.


There is an immense need of an online platform for business conferences and meetings that is secure and reliable. E-Meet software can provides the solution by enabling online meetings secure video conferencing as well.

  • User can dial to join any session
  • Can join session by linkRecordings of meetings available.
  • White board
  • Can upload presentations (PDF, PPT)
  • Integrated Voip
  • Integrated Webcam
  • Remote access to system
  • Chat

    Target Market

    The scope or target market of Learn Live is wide. It ranges from individual to corporate level. On individual level it can help students across the world to overcome the problems that they face in their studies. At a major level schools and universities can also benefit by integrating themselves with Learn Live’s revolutionary idea. NGO’s and Corporate sector is also the target market of Learn Live through E-Meeting software.

    • ·         Individuals (Students, Teachers, professionals)
    • ·         Schools/Universities
    • ·         Corporate Sector (Meetings)
    • ·         NGO’s training


                    There are several big names in online learning industry and they are earning millions of dollars despite their short coming i.e lack of interactivity. They have online video lectures at most and have no reliable automatic evaluation techniques like online quizzes and assignments. Learn live provides Live Online sessions, Live Interaction with instructors in addition to video and text lectures. Their virtual system lacks reality.

    Competitive advantage

    • ·         Live Interactive sessions
    • ·         Virtual Classroom environment
    • ·         Video Courses
    • ·         Text Based Lecture
    • ·         Proper Evaluation System (Manual and Automatic)
    • ·         Forum and Discussion
    • ·         Social Learning


    At current time, we have 169 students from America, U.K and Canada with little investment. We see this idea generating more and more revenue if the investment is utilized in a proper way. We look forward to have captured the market with our unique idea. This idea has a very less flop ratio but needs a little deficit financing for a short period. In a year, we see the possibility of attaining ten times more students enrolled in different courses. A rough idea says that we are going to generate at least 100 thousand dollars revenue per month. This idea is very profitable. Cost is minimum.


                    Learn Live’s vision is to lead world’s online learning industry and it sees the possibilities ahead of others. It truly sees the world as a global village.

    Financial Summary


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