Fori Mazdoori (Instant Labour)

Instant jobs for all (even the iliterate)


Fori Mazdoori (FM) is a digital service that aims to transform how labour workers find jobs across South Asia. Finding the right labour, driver, maid or a mason is a million dollar task in most of the South Asian Countries. We crack the dilemma of unavailability of quality labour among millions by connecting the labour with employer. Fori Mazdoori smart-phone applications enable its users to search and add labour into the Fori Mazdoori system.

In Fori Mazdoori, labour doesn’t need smart-phone to become part of the FM system. FM empowers the labour to become part of a platform that allows them to pitch, who they are, what they can do and how long they have been doing it. Through the support of 100’s of volunteers across Pakistan, we have already added about 1000 labour into our system. We are actively seeking support of volunteers all across Pakistan to help register a good chunk of 60 Million labour in Pakistan and shall seek further support across South-Asia later on. We believe that helping a jobless find work is the greatest charity as well as social responsibility.


Fori Mazdoori can also be seen as facebook of labour-workers, where technology-literate users can ‘search, add, rate and comment about labour. Moreover, with this technology, illiterate users can get the incentives of social-media without needing to know any technology at all. FM relies on strong contribution from the community of its users to voluntarily add labour into the FM system. The volunteer act of ‘adding labour’ translates into true empowerment of labourers (i.e. helping them become searchable in FM labour search).

The labour becomes directly connected with the employers through an integrated usage of smart-phone apps, dumb mobile phones and a website. On the hiring front, the employer can recruit peer rated labour through one click on their smart-phone app (both IOS + Android). The labours on the other end always receive phone calls for employment. Labour can either self register (if technology literate) or request a Fori Mazdoori user to add them into the FM system. We foresee and have built FM as a ‘social media of labour-workers’ where labour too, have friends, testimonials, reviews and ratings. Furthermore, it allows the labour workers to benefit from other social media features such as better networking, connectivity and visibility.

International and National Recognition:

·      Fori Mazdoori initiative was recently selected as top 15 startups of Europe and Asia combined during an event called Startup Istanbul.

·      In Pakistan, Fori Mazdoori was selected as the runner-up of a challenge focusing on poverty alleviation in National Innovation Grants Challenge that was run by Pakistan Innovation Fund in collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF).



Fori Mazdoori Apps (both IOS + Android):

Fori Mazdoori system has two basic apps that have been tailor made for people looking to search labour and a distinct app called Fori Mazdoori Registrar for our volunteers and registrars.


1.    Fori Mazdoori App: This is the basic app that allows its users to search labour. We are currently working on newer version that will allow all users to add labour into the system.

2.    Fori Mazdoori Registrar: The Fori Mazdoori Registrar app works in an offline mode that allows our volunteers and registrars to add labour into the Fori Mazdoori system.



Dr. Musstanser Tinauli: CEO and the founder of Fori Mazdoori. He holds a PhD in Design from Politecnico di Milano. He was also at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he led a high profiled project called Trash Track. He has also lived and worked in several other Countries including USA, Italy, Norway, Malaysia and China.



Fori Mazdoori is a social enterprise registered as a private limited company. We invite you to join us in the cause Fori Mazdoori. If you would like to join and help out, please reach out to us on our social-media platforms. Fill out simple forms and we promise that together we will change lives of millions of labour workers across Pakistan. We have previously registered labour from labour-hot-spots in Islamabad such as Peshawar Mor, I, 10/4, G-6, Lahore and even in Swat with great support of our volunteers. Fori Mazdoori team works in collaboration with society, particularly the youth. We have active support of young and inspiring youth and invite you to be part of a true change by true empowerment of labour workers. In past, FM team has partnered with independent youth, students of many Universities such as Punjab University, NUST, IIUI.


We are Fund-Raising:

We invite you to like our facebook pages, follow our activities and help us raise funds and investments to help us reach our full potential.


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