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Wheat Straw/ Hay Stock business is known as Raw Gold Business. It takes low invest that leads to pretty well profit. Demand of Wheat Straw/ Hay from Gulf Arab countries and China is increasing Super Fast.


I'm a Graduate Petroleum Engineer and Entrepreneur, age 22 . I have started my business since 2017. I have fond to working in different agricultural fields, Basically the business of Wheat Straw/ Hay comes after the separation wheat grain and Raw material which left is Wheat Straw/ Hay. Its a very high nutrition food for the live stock cattle especially Horses, Camels and milk producing mammals like buffalo and cow. Making the stock for Wheat Straw/ Hay after passing in different process of pressing and making 35 kg packets of it can be exported to different countries. its a very high profitable business with low investment and very low risk.


Education/Creative, Environment, Agriculture, Energy, Technology


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