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607,6th floor, hussain center, Zaibunnisa street, Saddar, Karachi



If you want to buy fashion products especially apparel like tshirts, where would you like to buy it from? From the all in one super mart like imitiaz or Naheed store? or you will go to Fashion specific market like Dolmen mall or Tariq road? The Ans is obvious you'll go Dolmen mall. So we are going to make Online Dolmen mall in Pakistan.


In Pakistan People are purchasing online and according to our analyses 45% Purchases are of apparel products but, As other giants platforms are more focus on electronic products, they are not providing Quality check to fashion purchasers. And that is why people started accusing them for fake products on the other hand there is very huge Fashion market in Pakistan. I believe that people need one fashion specific store so they can purchase Apparel and fashion related products faster, safer and 100% original products. and that i why i started BuySense


Fashion/Entertainment, Internet/Web


Usama Khan


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